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All media is organized chronologically by time period:

Prehistoric and Ancient (up to 300 AD)

Miletus, Turkey- Market Gate Steps

Petra- “Monastery”

Petra- “Treasury”

Early Medieval (300-1000 AD)


Romanesque and Gothic (1000-1300 AD)

(c. 1040-1067) The Geometry of Notre-Dame de Jumièges (English)

(c. 1040-1067) La géométrie de Notre-Dame de Jumièges (Francais)

(c. 1140-1144) The Geometry of the Choir Plan in Suger’s Saint-Denis

(c. 1140-1144) Ground Plan Geometries in Suger’s St-Denis

(c. 1163-1300) Notre-Dame, Paris- Julliet (English)

(c. 1163-1300) Notre-Dame, Paris- Julliet (Francais)

(c. 1163-1300) The Chevet Plan at Notre-Dame in Paris: A Geometrical Analysis

(c. 1195-1230) The Geometry of Bourges Cathedral

(c. 1211-1275) Changing Geometries in the North Transept of Reims Cathedral– Article

(c. 1211-1275) Changing Geometries in the Reims North Transept– Slideshow

(c. 1211-1275) A Hypothetical Sequence of Design Changes for Reims Cathedral

(c. 1211-1275) The Linked Geometries of Reims Cathedral’s Nave Section and West Façade

(c.1211-1275) Reims Interactive Point Cloud Model

(c. 1275-1300) The Geometry of the Facade of Strasbourg

(c. 1220-1250) Holy Toledo: Art-Historical Taxonomy and the Morphology of Toledo Cathedral

(c. 1227) Geometrie, Proportion, und Vermessung in der Liebfrauenkirche– English

(c. 1227) Neue Erkenntnisse zur Geometrie und Proportion von Liebfrauen– Deutsch

(c. 1248- 1322) The Geometrical Roots of Gothic Design and Aesthetics: The Case of the Cologne Cathedral Choir

(c. 1250-1350) Plan B and the Geometry of Facade Design at Strasbourg Cathedral, 1250-1350

(c. 1259-1386) A Geometrical Investigation of the Cistercian Church at Altenberg

Dynamic Unfolding and the Conventions of Procedure

Medieval Travel

Late Gothic and Renaissance (1300-1600 AD)

(c. 1311) Bellver Castle, Palma

(c. 1355-1414) A Geometrical Analysis of the Gothic Choir at Aachen Cathedral

(15th Century) Provisional Investigation of Geometric Proportions in 15th-century Cologne Panel Painting

(c. 1412-1416) Tres Riches Heures of Jean de Berry by the Limbourg Brothers

(c. 1472-1474) Brera Altarpiece by Piero della Francesca

(c. 1480-1484) Anonymous Italian Renaissance painting at Walters Gallery in Baltimore

(c. 1487) Geometry and Scenography in the Late Gothic Choir of Metz Cathedral

(c. 1490) Mars, Venus, and Cupid by Piero di Cosimo

(c. 1490) The Visitation by Piero di Cosimo

(c. 1493) Madonna and Child Enthroned by Piero di Cosimo

(c. 1495-1505) The Discovery of Vulcan on Lemnos by Piero di Cosimo

(c. 1500-1510) The Death of Procris by Piero di Cosimo

(c. 1502) Saint George and the Dragon by Vittore Carpaccio

(c. 1510-1513) Perseus Rescuing Andromeda

(c. 1515) Prometheus by Piero di Cosimo

(c. 1515-1520) Construction of a Palace by Piero di Cosimo

Dynamic Unfolding and the Conventions of Procedure

Gothic Vaulting and Dynamics of Plan Design

Relativizing the Lateness of Late Gothic Architecture: Contrasting Approaches

The Renaissance Myth of Gothic License

The 17th and 18th Centuries


The 19th Century

(1897) “D’où Venons Nous?” by Paul Gauguin

The 20th Century

(1943) Broadway Boogie-Woogie by Piet Mondrian